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ThunderHouse® Brings Innovations to Fruition
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Thunderhouse LLC is a Venture Group dedicated to bringing significant innovations to fruition.

Today, the #1 challenge of all brands and businesses is profitable growth. Throughout history, innovations have been the key drivers of profitable growth for businesses, growth for the economy and for improvements to our quality of life. Clearly, while the U.S. economy is moving forward in its recovery, the Government is still unable to stimulate significant job creation. Why? Businesses simply do not need additional employees to meet current levels of demand. They need the bold strokes of innovation.

Yet, these very innovations often meet with skepticism and resistance from "the establishment" that creates inevitable obstacles to their success. The needs for ThunderHouse communications services are more critical than ever.

The ThunderHouse trademark, traces its legacy back to America's greatest innovator, Benjamin Franklin. His extraordinary invention of the lightening rod met with an unresponsive public who considered lightning to be a divine act, not to be tampered with. Undeterred, Franklin demonstrated the efficacy of his invention by literally blowing the roof and walls off his model Thunderhouse.

ThunderHouse pays homage to Franklin's innovation and tenacity. It creates strategic pathways to agreed-upon goals, then attracts best-in-class talent with market-specific expertise to develop and implement successful communications programs.

Presently, driven by the expertise of its founder, Art Tauder, and his network of A-team associates, ThunderHouse focuses on game-changing innovations in the marketing communications industry (MarCom). Specifically, they are developing a NextGen MarCom® service to identify "hot spots" of MarCom innovation and to assist agencies and marketers utilize these innovations to grow their businesses. Of particular focus are: the impact of the smartphone and innovative communication technologies on Shopper Marketing and the evolving nature of television now labeled as "Advanced Televideo."

Additionally, ThunderHouse continues its work on the ElishaHeart™ project and its patented innovations to improve the efficacy of heart assist devices: both heart pumps for short term use and LVADs for the treatment of late stage heart failure.

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