Bringing Innovations to Fruition
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What does it take to bring innovation to fruition?

ThunderHouse builds on three core and two enabling competencies to skillfully move innovations from concept to reality.

core competencies

Market Expertise
Is the innovator's new product or service truly an innovation? Market Expertise is needed to answer this basic question. ThunderHouse seeks out Subject Matter Experts who know the product and connect with the industry, the customer and the marketplace. Their knowledge, combined with that of the innovator, guides all ThunderHouse activities.
Individuals or partnerships often create the innovation; however, in today's business environment, innovations rarely come to fruition without connection and a team effort. Often the more significant the innovation, the more complex and demanding is the need for both teamwork and networking.
Communications - The Central Core Competence
An innovation cannot move forward unless the innovator effectively communicates the value to potential customers... and to the many constituencies in the pathway to fruition. As with Franklin's ThunderHouse, the more impactful the communication, the easier to overcome the barriers to success. This competence differentiates ThunderHouse from competing resources.
No skill set is more critical.
Most innovations today, both goods and services, are based on new technologies. ThunderHouse appreciates the importance of technology to innovations and to the work processes necessary to bring them to fruition. And, when technology questions arise, ThunderHouse knows to ask the right questions of the right people.
Design literally says: "look at me... I'm new...I'm different...I'm better!" Functional design often provides the primary point of difference. Aesthetic design, the visible face of innovation, engages the senses, influences behavior and secures the support of the constituencies that can make innovations successful.