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Marketing Communications Technologies
Marketing Communications Technologies (MCT) provides a spectrum of technology solutions to the MarCom industry covering internal operations, client relationships and communications outreach.

The Opportunity

Changes in the MarCom Industry Intensify the Demands on IT

All significant changes in the MarCom industry are driven by leading-edge innovations in information and communications technology. And MarCom technology also plays the defining role in the relationship between marketers, their agencies, media and consumers. Yet today, the expansion of global marketing and client demands for integrated MarCom programs are outpacing the implementation of much needed IT systems and straining the capabilities for collaboration in a multi-discipline industry.

There is an endless quest for the perfect method of targeting messages. The more targeted the efforts and the more fragmented the media, the more dependent MarCom agencies become on IT expertise, systems and facilities. Completing the circle, the trend towards more segmentation of messages across media platforms, traditional and digital, requires more robust content management systems.

Additionally, the evolution of Advanced TeleVideo, resulting from the convergence of television, the Internet, mobile technologies and cognitive computing, is creating additional demands for a new generation of technology solutions.

Prospects for MCT Outsourcing Assignments are Excellent

Information Technology has never been a strength, and certainly not a core competence, of the marketing communications industry. All major MarCom companies currently outsource a significant portion of their IT functions. This is, especially, evident in the industry-specific systems for the creation, production and message delivery across multiple platforms and for financial functions. Outsourcing provides the best answer for the inadequacies of funding and the internal IT resources needed to meet the new MarCom challenges in digital marketing. MCT fills that need.

The MCT Vision

MCT will develop systems and offer a range of services to support new organizational models of MarCom agencies by helping identify and deliver MarCom talent on an "as needed" basis. It will facilitate internal operations and collaboration across internal silos and among MarCom companies and their clients. MCT will also provide new technologies for the production of content and its targeted delivery to audiences across media platforms.

The Entry Strategy

Marketing Communications Technologies will launch by providing the technology services needed for the successful introduction of the MarCom innovations in the ThunderHouse portfolio, namely NextGen MarCom® and Strategic Digital Communications™ (SDC™).

Marketing Communications Technologies® and MCT® are registered trademarks of ThunderHouse LLC.

For more information on MCT, please contact Art Tauder by email, or by phone, 203-451-2699.