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NextGen MarCom® Business Concept


The rapid shifting of audiences and advertising dollars from traditional to digital media has caused a virtual Gold Rush of marketing technology start-ups. "There's Gold in them thar Hills" and both MarCom agencies and their marketing clients know it. But far too many start-ups have modeled their businesses on the often interruptive and irrelevant "Push" model of traditional media. So few of them will ever find gold; even fewer will mine it. NextGen MarCom will do both!

MarCom agencies and their marketer clients are finding it impossible to keep up with the action. Concerned about not being on top of things, they feel compelled to do something, anything. The result is to "take a shot" at various technology offerings. This creates a Fire! Fire! Fire! syndrome at the very time that real leadership demands a far more strategic approach: Ready! Aim! Fire!

NextGen MarCom sifts through the clutter of MarCom tech start-ups. Its team of highly experienced professionals segments the technologies and identifies the most promising in each category. NextGen MarCom makes it easier and more productive for agencies and marketers to capitalize on those new technologies that have the greatest potential to grow their businesses.

NextGen MarCom conceptualizes and implements new organizational models for MarCom agencies. To increase productivity, on a continuing basis, it identifies "A" Players in the MarCom disciplines and in new technology-driven innovations and provides access to these experts on an "as-needed" basis.

Service Offering

1. New MarCom Agency Business Models Develops new organizational models for MarCom agencies to increase productivity and provides access to world class expertise on an "as needed" basis as the transition to digital accelerates. It forms continuing alliances with these "A" Players across the full spectrum of MarCom disciplines so agencies and marketers can cost effectively use their expertise to solve client problems and probe opportunities.

2. Directory of MarCom Innovations - Creates a digital directory that segments and classifies MarCom innovative technologies, based on expert and user input. This is available on a subscription basis for both sellers and buyers of MarCom innovations.

The directory will generate significant revenues from MarCom technology "sell-side" vendors and start-ups. There will be a nominal fee for listing basic information while premium listings will be offered to include more extensive marketing materials, e.g. management profiles, explainer videos, case histories, etc. In addition, the directory will offer sellers opportunities for targeted outreach to potential buyers.

3. "Hot Spot" Innovations - Publishes a weekly video report and newsletter that identifies and defines the "Hot Spots," those MarCom innovations deemed to have the greatest potential to grow businesses. On an Agency and Client-specific basis, it prepares customized recommendations on "Hot Spots" and facilitates implementation.

4. Training & Events - Provides training webinars, on-site training and events to bring Agency and Marketer personnel up-to-speed in the selected areas of MarCom innovation. One unique specialty is Collaborative Visioning on a customized basis in cooperation with its partner, The Grove Consultancy International.


Although the NextGen MarCom business concept has application worldwide, the startup will be in the United States. It will operate with a core staff of full time employees on the East and West Coast and will build its network of "A" players, across the country, through contractual alliances. Special attention will be given to keep the network robust through digital communications systems.
NextGen MarCom® is a registered U.S. trademark of ThunderHouse LLC for goods and services in International Classes 009, 035 and 041. It will license the use of this trademark to member MarCom agencies, on a limited exclusive basis, for a nominal annual fee. Other NextGen MarCom services and those of its "A" Player network will also be provided on a fee basis maintaining a high degree of financial transparency.

It will also identify and utilize Centers of Excellence, among its Agency members, who have proven expertise and resources in specific industries or MarCom disciplines. The first Center of Excellence is The Grove Consultancy International, San Francisco, for Collaborative Visioning. Another is O'Leary & Partners, Newport Beach, as a Center of Excellence in Franchise Marketing.


There are, at least, a thousand Agency & Marketer prospects on the Buy Side of NextGen MarCom and another thousand MarCom technology providers on the Sell Side. There are also hundreds of highly experienced "A" Players to assist Agencies and Marketers and new ones are coming along every year. The NextGen MarCom business opportunity is evergreen.

The NextGen MarCom service offerings will be pilot-tested in 2015 to probe their viability both in theory and in the marketplace. Pricing will be determined and pro forma financials will be developed during the course of 2015 testing.

The first pilot test began January 1 with JAY Marketing & Communications LLC, Rochester NY. NextGen MarCom@Jay has been incorporated into the agency positioning for both new business and existing clients. For JAY, "Hot Spots" have been prioritized and "A" Players, are serving on an "as-needed" basis and being billed through NextGen MarCom. Plans are underway to create a Center of Excellence in Content Marketing at JAY based on their content production expertise and unique on-site studio facilities.

JAY is also working to develop as a Center of Excellence for Retail Automotive, based on its considerable experience in working with GM Dealer Associations across the country. The current pilot test will be evaluated at both midyear and year-end.

Discussions are underway for additional pilot tests on the East Coast and California.
For more information contact: Arthur Tauder, Managing Member, ThunderHouse LLC.
Phone: 212 265 2114