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Strategic Digital Communications
Strategic Digital Communications (SDC) is an end-to-end digital marketing system that targets and distributes marketing messages and incentives based on shopper transaction histories.

A Look at the Relevant Retail Marketing Trends

When? What's Trending Up What's Trending Down
Today Digital/Paperless Incentives Media & Mail Paper Couponing
Near Future Retailer Mobile/Tablet App Retailer Websites Shopper Usage
Near Future Targeted Shopper Incentives Blanket Distribution of Incentives
Mid-Term Personalized Pricing One Price Fits All
Further Out In-Store Targeted Communications Media/Mail Distributed Flyers

Disruptive Technologies

Mobile devices, smart phones, tablets and soon, smart watches, loom as disruptive technologies for Marketers and Retail clients. Communications technologies e.g. GPS, iBeacons, and NFC (Near Field Communication) will amplify the disruption; they are already imbedded in mobile devices. What can we expect?

The Store as a Medium

In the next five years, "bricks & mortar" and online retail stores will become a communications medium for marketers to reach shoppers when they are in the shopping mode which includes: 1) the act of shopping, 2) preparing for shopping 3) engaged with content or other activities that lead to shopping. Leading-edge innovations in mobile devices and location-based communications will make this a reality. At the same time, interruptive, irrelevant, and often wasteful traditional advertising, especially real time television, is in the marketers cross hairs.

The Opportunity

Savvy marketers and major retailers know that consumer-centric, data-driven marketing campaigns, that can be measured quickly, are paramount for growth. As digital marketing accelerates, loyalty program databases will become increasingly pivotal to the planning and execution of marketer and retailer marketing programs. While there are numerous providers of database marketing programs and digital marketing consultants, there is no end-to-end solution in the marketplace that merges the interests of manufacturers and retailers. Until now…

The Solution

SDC offers a totally digital, end-to-end marketing communications solution that targets high value shoppers, while in the shopping mode, based on their transaction histories. The goal is Growth, and the system is applicable to both retailer brands and selected national brands. It drives growth by delivering targeted marketing messages, content and digital incentives that can be redeemed upon checkout. Essentially, it is integrating many existing technologies into one holistic offering.

The SDC End-to-End Solution

SDC is highly dependent on forming strategic partnerships with retail stores as they evolve into a medium to reach shoppers in a shopping mode. The retailers do not "sell" names of shoppers or shopper data; they maintain control of their loyalty programs and customer data. The SDC solution is agnostic as far as software systems now being deployed by retailers. The IT costs, associated with implementing the SDC program, are offset by the national brands which pay for outreach to targeted customers using the retail store as a medium.

ThunderHouse is currently seeking retail partners with strong retail brands and selected national brands to collaborate in pilot testing this system in 2016. Funding for the pilot test will be sought from a major technology company with the resources to implement an end-to-end solution, starting in the U.S. and expanding globally.