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The 360 Degree Approach

Starting from a constituency-neutral, service-neutral and resource-neutral vantage, ThunderHouse looks at the innovator's business challenge with a 360-degree view of what it will take to be successful. It considers what actions, services and resources are necessary to impact multiple constituencies: customers, those who influence them, channels of distribution, the workforce, capital markets, suppliers and regulatory institutions. ThunderHouse utilizes a proprietary tool to help visualize and sort through the multiplicity of communications possibilities and resources. With a clear picture of the task at hand and prioritization of audiences and goals, ThunderHouse formulates Client strategies and Action Plans.

"Best of Breed" Resourcing

ThunderHouse will not be re-inventing resources that already exist, but rather recognizing and securing "best-of-breed" talent, with market-specific experience, whenever possible. The world doesn't need another branding company, another advertising agency, another web design shop, or another PR or lobbying firm. Here again, in the area of resourcing, Market Expertise will play an all important role.

Compensation and Rewards for Success

ThunderHouse resources required to develop strategies and implement Action Plans will be compensated at market rates for their services. However, ThunderHouse principals will be rewarded primarily on the basis of success in achieving agreed-upon objectives. The specific performance compensation will be determined on an individual innovation assignment basis. "Best-of-Breed" outside resources will be compensated fairly at market rates, without any ThunderHouse markup.