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Volume 2, No. 1. December 15, 2013. Comments

ThunderHouse Priorities Heading into the New Year

We're restarting our newsletters to keep our network of associates in the loop as to what's happening at ThunderHouse. At the start of 2013, we came to the realization that it's "Now or Never" for ThunderHouse. Our NextGen MarCom innovations look brighter and more viable than ever. But a company positioned "to bring innovations to fruition faster and more cost effectively" simply can't tread water.

We've re-energized our projects, updated our website and invested in resources to move forward. This newsletter outlines our priorities for the New Year and the new pathways that we are pursuing.

Rekindling the Northwestern Connection

Brad Hamm, the new Dean of Medill, has demonstrated an interest in exploring innovations that position Medill as the pre-eminent learning institution for Journalism and Marketing Communications.

He opened the door for ThunderHouse with his IMC (MarCom) faculty, and we responded by investing in Medill interns to rekindle innovative projects that had been on the ThunderHouse backburner too long and to explore new avenues to bring innovations to fruition.

One innovative idea stands out: ThunderHouse@Medill, an on-campus adjunct of ThunderHouse LLC. The background: Clearly, innovations are much needed to drive economic growth and are of increasing importance for funding universities. The mission is attractive: Speed-up bringing innovations developed at Northwestern to fruition through communications developed by Medill students and faculty. ThunderHouse@Medill has faculty support and a very positive response from organizations on campus that are responsible for nurturing innovation. We meet with the Dean in late January to obtain approval for an operational plan to launch by mid-year. ThunderHouse@Medill can be a model for other universities and feed parent ThunderHouse in terms of new clients and visibility.

Focus on ThunderHouse "Game Changers"

ThunderHouse innovations can change the face of the MarCom industry. Obviously, digital technology is disrupting this industry, and we anticipate increased receptivity to new thinking, especially when championed by young bright minds. ThunderHouse, self-funded and working with a virtual network of experts, recognizes that it can no longer "go it alone." What's needed? Expanded resources, credibility and funding.

Predictions Come True: Issues with HeartMate II

The ElishaHeart Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) is by far the most worthwhile project in the ThunderHouse portfolio... and it is still only a patented concept. For ten years now, Dr. Art Palmer has predicted that the market leader, HeartMate II - a continuous flow pump, has design flaws that would lead to bleeding, clotting and infection.

Many journal articles have reported on the incidence of excessive bleeding following the implantation of HeartMate II. And most recently, the HeartMate II has been linked to increased incidence of thrombosis (clotting) in a paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine and covered by The New York Times in two major articles. These issues confirm the validity of Art's conceptual thinking and the value of the ElishaHeart LVAD.

Once again, we're energized to find the funding needed to build a prototype of the ElishaHeart LVAD. With the help of Chicago businessman and friend Bob Judelson, we have a two pronged effort going: 1) seek a strategic investor and/or 2) persuade a university (Northwestern # 1 on list) to become the home for ElishaHeart.

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