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The Challenge of Innovation

ThunderHouse, itself, is an innovation in Organizational Communications.Businesses and their investors are clamoring for growth; it's the number one challenge in business today. And innovations provide the very fuel required to stimulate growth. As critical as they are, innovations frequently meet resistance and seemingly insurmountable challenges in their journey from concept to reality. Good ideas are a dime a dozen; it's making them a success that is difficult.

Much has been written about the psychological barriers to innovation: the "Not Invented Here" syndrome, risk aversion, and intense time pressures that prevent gatekeepers from really understanding new technologies. In addition, the very structure of businesses - the established operations, systems and procedures - that keep companies on track today, become barriers to innovations that can grow these businesses tomorrow. This "innovation dilemma," as Harvard professor Clayton Christensen points out, prevents some of the most significant new ideas from reaching fruition... and keeps the "same old, same old" in place. It is this dilemma that ThunderHouse addresses.

ThunderHouse, itself, is an innovation in Organizational Communications. It is the next generation of new product groups and strategy workshops, focusing exclusively on innovations. It not only strategizes, but also implements the actions it recommends to innovators. ThunderHouse applies its core and enabling competencies to its own business. In essence, ThunderHouse models the approach and processes it recommends and, in effect, will become its own best case history.